We serve leaders seeking industry specialized consulting

Why do we need new consulting approaches?

Because consulting firms typically deliver results that are either too general to be practical, or too detailed for decision making

SOHO I Associates  – Value  Add´s

Business Model:

SOHO I Associates has a networked business model that enables us to merge detailed industry knowledge with powerful analytical tools to deliver well-grounded, practical recommendations that are creative, industry-leading ideas for value generation.  


SOHO I Associates takes pride in having a broad inspired advisory network containing industry experts and program managers with a proven track record only.  Hereby a long experience at both management consulting with TOP Tier Strategy Consulting firms and operative industry experience on a executive managerial level is mandatory to be a part of SOHO I Associates. 

Competence Mix:

Every SOHO I Associates team is composed of a cadre of industry experts, functional practitioners, and program managers. These project teams deliver well-grounded strategic insights and implementation support for quickly capturing business value. 


By delivering a comprehensive team set up containing e.g. former SVP´s from well-respected players in the specified industry, SOHO I Associates is capable to secure faster ramp-up´s, more focused proceedings, enhanced operative know-how transfers  and increased speed, leading to shortened project runtimes and a significantly increased value to our clients.