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Operations: Within short term the SOHO I Associates operational excellence professionals quantify a set of high-impact recommendations with quick return on investmen

  • Lean manufacturing, procurement excellence,  total quality management. These are just a few of the programs companies are implementing to increase profitability and eliminate waste.When integrated under the umbrella of operational excellence and applied across the organization, however, a new way of doing business emerges — one that produces higher yields, reduces waste, improves quality. 
  • However organizations often  fail in both set-upand  implementations. To achieve true operational excellence, organizations need to commit to a ground-up, ongoing approach to conducting business. 
  • There are various specifics whichmust be understood to be successful and achieve sustainability. Technical proficiency must be coupled with an overall strategic understanding. To become a Best-in-class organization talent is needed to  understand the customer and to provide well-respected operating people. Therefore figuring out if the right strategies applied to fix the right business problems is essential.

Competence Level – Operations 

Within short term the SOHO I  Associates operational excellence  professionals prioritize and quantify a set of high-impact recommendations for immediate implementation — with quick return on investment and ease of implementation, emphasizing the right operating model to compete and win in a dramatically changing multi-polar world.

Whether serving as trusted advisers or in interim operational  roles e.g. procurement, manufacturing etc.  the SOHO I Associates professionals provide invaluable leadership, experience and clarity around key issues, helping ensure that revenue enhancement plans are developed, executed and monitored with precision. 

Our functional emphasis covers  :

  • Operational Cost Control & Working Capital 
  • Operational Performance Measurement
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Procurement Enhancements and Sourcing 
  • Expense Management 
  • IT and Operations •