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SOHO I Associates has transformed the traditional consulting approaches to become more successful at both conception and implementation

The modern world is constantly creating new myths and whilst some may be false notions others create a new lens to view the world through. This can be used in a positive way in relation also to perceptions on the consulting business.

The three terms, diversity, consulting density, and experience were first defined and their interaction resulting in over 500 years of consulting experiences plotted to demonstrate how these qualities provide a successful environment for both clients and consultants

Who we are

  • History: Contemplated 2010 in the New York City based district SoHo, SOHO I Associates became a primary example of highly experienced consultants overcoming consulting traditions. By doing this, we want to act as  pioneers reinventing the consulting business for the benefit of our clients.
  • Mission: To consistently reinventing itself by re-thinking and innovation, is how
    SOHO I Associates explains  its  perspective on consulting what illustrates the passion of  the company, and so we are proud to use the SOHO acronym, referring to the multinational, creative and vibrant NYC district which continuously absorbs change since existing.
  • Principles: The heart of our argument reflects this ubiquitous principle which is the need of corporations for a most intricate and close grained, diversity of uses that give organizations constant mutual support, both economically and socially. “The components of this diversity can differ enormously  but  they  must  supplement  each  other in certain concrete ways.”

  • Staff: The concentration of people working at and with SOHO I Associates creates a demand for activity that is more than fulfilled by the diversity of uses.
  • Challenge: The catalyst of its own mythology keeps the mixture vibrant and this challenges the tranformation of traditional consulting approaches to become more successful at both conception and implementation