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Marketing & Sales: Bringing an incisive focus, the SOHO I Associates Marketing & Sales group  delivers systematic and action-oriented approaches

  • Today, many organizations face a significant gap between strategic will and operational skill within marketing and sales. That gap causes organizations to fall short on key performance metrics such as new customer acquisition, customer retention and referrals. That gap also negatively impacts the organization’s ability to quickly develop and launch new products and services as well as enter new markets and successfully target new segments.
  • Bringing an incisive focus, the SOHO I Associates Marketing & Sales group  delivers a systematic, action-oriented approach to help companies identify and drive top line improvements within marketing & sales.  
  • The experienced functional SOHO I Associates specialists work quickly to maximize the return on investment in marketing and sales organizations and activities. Using a situational and operational approach, we assess your specific situation from a marketing and sales expert perspective; identify enhancement opportunities; and develop and execute a plan to increase your marketing and sales performance.  
  • Our professionals can serve executives at strategic or operative marketing and sales challenges even as interim staff e.g. Chief Marketing Officer to fill critical voids, supplement existing talent or simply  help to power boost an organization's marketing efforts.     

Competence Level – Marketing & Sales 

Whether serving as trusted advisers or in interim marketing and sales roles, the SOHO I Associates professionals provide invaluable leadership, experience and clarity around key issues, helping ensure that marketing & sales enhancement plans are developed, executed and monitored with precision. Additionally, our senior professionals have worked with clients across multiple industries, including high-tech, automotive industrial products, consumer, luxury, retail, financial services, energy, among others. 

Our functional emphasis covers:

  • Marketing & Sales Strategies  
  • Marketing Spend Efficiency; Marketing Mix
  • Marketing Cost Optimization
  • Marketing Supply e.g. Agencies 
  • Agency Pitch Advisory
  • Market Positioning; Brand Positioning; CI/CD
  • Marketing Digitization
  • Social, E-commerce / CRM / Loyalty
  • Customer segmentations
  • Sales push & Go-to market Initiatives
  • Sales Force Efficiency
  • Sales Optimizations