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Organizations must ramp up their performance rapidly to remain competitive in business environments today, and the pace is further accelerated in sectors where benchmarking is commonplace, where businesses rapidly and continuously learn from one another. 

  • However Benchmarking  remains one of the most widely misunderstood phrases. The word means different things to different people, and, as a result, benchmarking projects all too frequently fail to deliver on their promise of real results. Nor is it a stand-alone activity; to succeed, benchmarking must be part of a continuous improvement strategy.
  • When executed correctly, benchmarking can be a powerful focus for change, driving home sometimes uncomfortable facts and convincing leaders of the need to embark upon improvement efforts. Therefore Benchmarking should be a systematic and continuous activity  that enables organizations to identify world-class performance and measure themselves against that.

Competence Level – Benchmarking  

SOHO I Associates  has a long and successful track record in supporting companies in benchmarking theirperformance, identifying gaps to best-practice and implementing improvement programs leading to outstanding results.. Drawing on more than 15 years of experience by each of the SOHO Associates individuals, there exists an extensive benchmarking know how comprising a multitude of reference data sound and proved methodologies to deliver actionable and management oriented results. 

SOHO I Associates supports companies to:

  • Identify world-class performance levels
  • Determine the drivers of superior performance
  • Quantify gaps between the benchmarker's performance and world-class performance
  • Identify best practices in specified key areas within strategy and operations 
  • Share knowledge of best practices
  • Build foundations for performance improvement