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Product Management: SOHO I Associates has a proven track record and comprehensive guide-lines which facilitate effective product management optimizations  and product pricing

  • As the globalization of the economics, the competition between companies has become more and more fierce. The focus of the competition has transferred from the price to the diversity. It mainly refers to the diversity in product, service, human resource, etc.  New product development, product lifecycle management and appropriate pricing has become significant to the future of a company.
  • However there is uncertainty to predict with confidence the development of the right product and the according resources needed to finish projects on time – a consequence of under-estimating design complexity and overestimating development productivity. In addition, there are often fuzzy views of the anticipated financial returns, and further inabilities to quantify the consequences of product mismanagement. As a result, often projects are launched that have no viable business case, ensure failure and causing them to miss their market.

Competence Level – Product Management & Pricing   

SOHO I Associates provides enhanced methods to quickly iterate through project tradeoffs involving scheduling, staffing, product functionality, and marketing and competitive advantage factors. SOHO I Associates supports the upper management in  quick decision-making  in the context of the company’s overall portfolio of investment opportunities, and resource managers to provide the needed personnel once a project has been approved.

SOHO I Associates advises managers at:  

  • Product Portfolio & Life Cycle Management
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Product Valuation and Target Pricing
  • Product Strategy and Product Market Positioning
  • List Pricing and Discounting Policies 
  • Reverse Engineering / Design to Cost