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Organization & Processes: SOHO I Associates organizational specialists combine established organization and process diagnostics capabilities to designing the sustainable organization

  • Resource & Process Optimization are essential components to designing the sustainable organization. Often wrong organizational set-ups and inefficientprocesses lead to increased overhead and operational cost, affect the competitive and cost position strongly negative and can even lead to severe business risks. 
  • Many companies are discovering the possibilities for enhanced performance based on a movement toward a process-driven approach to business. However, many of those same companies struggle to identify a transition strategy that is appropriate for their organization. However, becoming a process-driven organization requires fundamental change, and this kind of change is rarely successful if driven from anywhere other than the very top of the org chart.
  • Typical approaches usually involve the sizing and scoping of the new organization and its entities. Essentially to meet the organizational process requirements, it is needed to understand the nature of human perception and its impact on the requirements determinationprocess in detail.
  • To improve organizational process performance, whether through cycle time reduction efforts, supply chain optimization, or reengineering of key business processes, it is important to measure and collect objective, accurate data relating to the key process requirements. In many cases, these objective data is often not perceived.

Competence Level – Organization & Processes
SOHO I Associates organizational specialists combine established organization and process diagnostics by analyzing  existing processes, identifying bottlenecks or dysfunctional practices that may have the potential for process improvements, with a strong “bottom up” stakeholders understanding, that are most intimate with current organizational processes — employees, customers, and supply chain  —  to determine the requirements that must be met to realize the improvements.  

 SOHO I Associates serves clients at:

  • Organizational Design, Lean Organizations
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Process Efficiency & Effectiveness 
  • Zero Based Budgeting & Lean Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning