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Observations on typical Consulting work styles

  • FIRST, consulting concepts come and go like fashion. The uniform, but superficially varied approaches are often tried without taking  into account the specifics of the individual company sufficiently.
  • SECONDLY, simple Power Point and Excel illustrations have long been routine. However, generic illustrations do often not solve the client problems.
  • THIRD, the methods used are mostly standardized and mechanistically. This working concept is often mandatory for management consultants. The task of implementation remains to the client which comes at such consultant projects usually too short.  

What can we learn from this?

  • Management concepts launched by traditional consultants often pass the real problems of the clients, create fear among the workforce and limit the collective learning of the company. Are such concepts really worth what they cost?
  • It remains the question: Why do competent top managers allow  often young, inexperienced people to advise  them on their very own field of expertise?   

What makes SOHO I Associates different?   

The teams of SOHO I Associates deliver what we call "full cycle" solutions --- every deliverable is developed with the full cycle of strategy, action planning, execution, integration, and implementation in mind.  We leverage our broad resource network to assemble.  

The SOHO I Associates project teams are made up of seasoned executives with the practical business experience of managing programs from start to finish in your target industry.  


It is granted, that only specialized consulting executives with a dedicated experience and an according track record  to the assignments will work in the teams.